2014 forecasts

Writing the Flight International forecasts each year can be a challenge – not just because foretelling the future is always fraught with danger, but because some of our predictions risk being overtaken by events between going to press a week or so before Christmas, and the issue appearing this week. So it was with our 2014 forecasts with the announcements of a Brazilian fighter deal and a union agreement on Boeing building the 777X in Seattle.

However, the forecasts remain a great way for our writers to look at events that are likely to influence their specialist sectors, and, broadly speaking, our record has been good. This year, for the first time, we’ve looked at the predictions we made 12 months ago, and how accurate they were. As for our forecasts for this year, you’ll have to read them – and wait another year – to judge.

Here are the questions we attempt to answer in our 7 January issue:

  • Where will Boeing build the 777X?
  • When will Gulfstream replace the G450?
  • How profitable will airlines be?
  • Which defence programmes will survive?
  • Will peace break out in Afghanistan?
  • What will the trends be in propulsion?
  • Will three tardy fighter buyers finally sign?
  • Will there be a turnaround in lighter jets?
  • China’s Moon landing – a new space race?
  • Will Virgin Galactic get into space?
  • Will Dassault unveil an ultra-long-range jet?
  • Is 2014 the year for European defence consolidation?
  • Are private equity investors going to run for the exits?
  • Will we see action on degradation of pilot skills?
  • Will KC-390 hit first flight target?

You can read the forecasts in full in our 7 January issue or on the flightglobal.com FG Club here http://www.flightglobal.com/fg-club/in-focus/forecasts14/


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