Getting rid of the paper chain at a touch

This article first appeared as a Comment in the 14 January issue of Flight International

The page you are reading may have started life in a forest and made its way via pulp mill, printing plant and long logistics chain to your desk somewhere in the world – or been consigned in a matter of minutes from our production editor’s Apple Mac to an app on your iPad.
If you are one of the growing number of Flight ­International readers getting your weekly fix of ­industry news, opinion and analysis via one of Mr Jobs’ devices, you will be aware of the many benefits the platform offers. Not only are you able to view videos, additional images and occasional interactive graphics in our tablet edition, but you can access all your back issues from one container app.
But perhaps the biggest advantage is that you can read Flight International almost as soon as it goes to press, rather than depending on planes, trains and trucks to get it from us to you.
This is our 100th tablet edition and we have just embarked on our third year of the Flight International app. We have been publishing for over 100 years on paper, so the new technology has a long way to go to catch up.
However, the tablet format is one of the most ­important innovations in that period– a time machine that gives you instant access to aviation’s oldest ­weekly, wherever you are. If you have not yet made the pilgrimage from paper, we urge you to take a look.


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