Week on the web 28 January

On the DEW Line blog, Craig Hoyle talks about his eagerly-anticipated visit to the Royal Air Force’s 13 Sqn at Waddington in Lincolnshire – home to the UK-based ground control station for the General Atomics Reaper armed remotely piloted air system. A large part of the visit, Hoyle says, was to try to combat anti “drone” sentiment. “The fact that the RAF has released 459 weapons from the type makes opponents use phrases like ‘remote-controlled killing’ and ‘killing without consequence’, but that should be balanced against the more than 54,000h flown and the use of identical rules of engagement as RAF Tornado and British Army Apache crews,” he argues. After stating his reservations about the European Cockpit Association’s approach to the Multicrew Pilot Licence, David Learmount received a letter from the ECA. Read it in full on the Learmount blog.

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