Straight & Level 25 February

You’re not the one that I want
John Travolta has revealed that he has stopped flying his Boeing 707. The actor and aviator told Steve Wright on BBC Radio 2 that he is retiring the former Qantas airliner – one of several aircraft he owns.
Travolta has been owner of the 707-138B, registration N707JT, since 1998. It entered service with the Australian airline in 1964, and has since been fitted with a VIP interior.
However, Travolta – who famously flew the 707 as a Qantas ambassador (in return, the airline maintained the aircraft) and as part of the 2010 earthquake relief effort to Haiti – has no plans to give up on piloting. He told Wright that he was planning to fly himself from his home in Florida to London for a speaking engagement last week on his latest acquisition, a Bombardier Challenger 601.

Run outa Dodge
Seems there’s been a showdown at high noon somewhere out West, with Great Lakes and SeaPort Airlines each staking a claim to provide essential air service to a town in Kansas.
But it’s the incumbent carrier, Great Lakes, which has been quickest on the draw.
“Even though the service proposed by SeaPort is less costly, it is our belief that continuation of the current regional programme best serves the air transportation needs of the geographically isolated, but growing communities of southwest Kansas,” states the official note from city hall.
Which, if you think about it, is just a more polite way of saying the town ain’t big enough for the both of ‘em.
What else would you expect when the town in question is none other than Dodge City?

The other Eads
Now that EADS is no more, our daily Google Results feed throws up a tantalisingly eclectic mix of stories.
No more coverage of French government influence or German defence spending. Instead, victory in county championships for a wrestler from Eads, Kansas; research on electroconvulsive therapy by one Dr Eads of Little Rock; and the Enniskillen Amateur Dramatic Society’s revival of Allo Allo.

Plane speaking
Talking of the former EADS, to avoid confusion between the new Airbus Group and Airbus commercial aircraft, how about Airbus Neo and Airbus Classic?

Love is in the air
Spend 14 February without someone to love? Maybe you were tempted by the National Business Aviation Association’s one-day-only $214 “Valentine’s Day joining offer”. Nice to see romance isn’t dead.

Wet weekend
EasyJet has launched flights between London and Venice. A chance perhaps for a trip to somewhere completely surrounded by water, where locals cannot drive cars and you have to take boats everywhere.
Or you could fly in the other direction… to Venice.


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