Week on the web 11 February

On the DEW Line blog, Craig Hoyle questions how last August’s flight test campaign for the Taranis unmanned combat air system technology demonstrator went unnoticed, given the plethora of eager aviation photographers across the globe. “Pop onto the Airliners.net website and you can see how many shots there are showing Typhoons and Tornados involved in flight testing, so it’s remarkable that no-one witnessed the event,” says Hoyle. “If any local spotters did see it and didn’t twig what it was, they should be kicking themselves!” Our man in Israel, Arie Egozi, examines the future role of the Taxibot on his Aerial View blog. “These tow-tractors are currently manually operated by the aircraft’s pilot,” says Egozi. “In the future, Taxibots will roam by themselves on the aprons of airports, towing aircraft from terminals to runways.”

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