Week on the web 25 February

In the DEW Line blog, Craig Hoyle asks whether Boeing’s Super Hornet has a long term future, after rejections by India and Brazil and the looming end to a multi-year procurement deal for the US Navy. “Pressure is mounting on Boeing to secure extra orders,” Hoyle says. “The question is whether the raft of Advanced Super Hornet options on the table – engine and radar enhancements, conformal fuel tanks, a belly-mounted external weapons bay and infrared search and track sensor – will make a difference.” On Ariel View, Arie Egozi discusses the Israeli Air Force’s strategy to bring operations at its bases in line with civil aviation standards. Meanwhile, David Learmount posts a shot of the new tail fin design for the Red Arrows’ BAE Systems Hawk T1 jets. The UK Royal Air Force aerobatic team adopted the livery to mark its 50th display season.

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