Offshore all-star

The AgustaWestland AW189 features on the cover of the 25 March edition of Flight International with the coverline OFFSHORE ALL-STAR. Peter Gray test flew the super-medium helicopter in Anaheim and believes that it will prove a winner in the oil and gas sector. You can read his impressions and see extensive images from the flight in our five-page feature.

Also in our rotorcraft-themed issue, David Learmount looks at how the safety regime in the North Sea is changing, and Craig Hoyle visits Sweden to find out how the country’s military is gearing up for its NH Industries NH90s.

In news: Italy’s first AW101 makes an appearance at Yeovil, Voyager’s controls jammed by a stray camera and Airbus offers 11-abreast seating in its A380s. We also report on the joint report by Boeing and the FAA into the 787′s battery crisis which concludes that the certification system was largely at fault.

We also report from the ISTAT aircraft trading convention in Las Vegas where leading lessor CIT is the latest to urge Airbus to launch a “Neo” version of its A330. Our Comment asks whether that is the right route for Toulouse.

We also have a two-page special on the hunt for MH370 and the lessons learned so far.


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