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Navigators found safe and well
Good news about the lost navigators of GAPAN.
Last week we reported on the distinguished organisation’s name change to the Honourable Company of Air Pilots, following its royal charter, that led it to drop the “…and Navigators” bit of its monicker.
David Curgenven writes to say that the map-readers are still acknowledged in the company’s full title: The Honourable Company of Air Pilots Incorporating Air Navigators. “All is not lost,” he says.

Nanny state
This unusual inscription (below) was a common sight among the overhead stowage bays onboard Royal Air Force TriStar ZD950, as it made its recent operational farewell from service. Sabotage, anyone?
Our roving reporter was slightly disappointed to be handed the traditional “butty box” for lunch, rather than something of the slightly fresher and four-legged variety, maybe with some rice & peas. Mmm.

tristar goat rack

Near miss
Chris Barnes recounts a tale told by a colleague aboard a flight from San Francisco to Seattle. The first officer announced that on the right side a full view of Crater Lake in Oregon could be observed.
“It is spectacular to see from the air and is the deepest lake in the USA. History says that it was formed 7,700 years ago by a volcanic explosion similar to Krakatoa. Today it is a popular National Park, with tarmac thoroughfares that hug the rim in many areas,” says Chris.
However, he recounts, the idyll was ruined somewhat when one of the ‘baseball caps on backwards’ passengers sitting behind remarked: “Look man, it just missed the road.”

Islander’s return
Bob Wealthy of the Britten-Norman Aircraft Preservation Society writes to say that BNAPS is restoring a B-N Islander flown by Guernsey’s Aurigny Air Services on its inaugural service 46 years ago.
The project – which includes painting G-AVCN in its original Aurigny colours – is due to be finished by June 2015, but to complete final assembly, BNAPS needs a suitable building on the Isle of Wight – birthplace, of course, of the no-nonsense prop, one of the UK aerospace industry’s bestselling types.
June 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of the first flight of BN-2 prototype G-ATCT – later named the Islander – from Bembridge airport on 13 June 1965, by which time Bob says BNAPS expects to have a “completed, instrumented and furnished fuselage” on display.
Aurigny is retiring its fleet of six Trislanders (the Islander’s three-engined sister) this year after 43 years operating the type.

From an Airbus Defence & Space and European Space Agency release:
High-precision Earth observation instrument
= spy satellite

TV presenter Denise van Outen dons a Hardy Amies-designed 1974 air hostess uniform (original left) to mark the 40th anniversary of British Airways. Van Outen is also 40 this year.

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