Week on the web 13 May

Video footage of MBDA’s recent test firings of a Brimstone missile from an MQ-9 Reaper UAV can be viewed on The DEW Line blog. Each of the shots – which used a mix of telemetry and live warhead-equipped rounds – resulted in a direct hit, despite being conducted against small vehicle targets moving at up to 70mph, and from a maximum range of 12km. On his Ariel View blog, Arie Egozi reports that Israel, the USA and Canada are to hold their first joint exercise in the third quarter to increase co-operation in preventing acts of terrorism against commercial aircraft. Meanwhile, on the Airline Business blog, Edward Russell discusses how slots at Washington National airport in the US capital have become a very valuable commodity. Low-cost carrier JetBlue, he explains, paid $75 million, or $3.13 million each, for its 24 slots at the downtown site.

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