Life on Mars?

Flight International does not do so much spaceflight coverage these days, so we thought it was time to revisit the sector properly in the 10 June issue and look at – among other things – prospects for human missions to Mars. While there are enormous challenges associated with such a project, the red planet does not seem as distant as it once did. For decades, nations have been launching unmanned missions to our nearest planet and Dan Thisdell looks at what it would take – and what progress is being made – to go one step further and land man on Mars. In the same feature package, we also look at how India is fast becoming a heavyweight in the space launch sector.

Elsewhere in the issue, how Liebherr rose from the ashes after a fire destroyed its business in Brazil, the debate intensifies over Canada’s fighter acquisition choice, and searching for an answer to how to search for MH370 as the investigation into what happened to the Malaysian 777 enters its latest phase.

We also report from the IATA agm, where Emirates continued to push Airbus to develop an A380neo and Boeing insisted it was all to play for in the re-engined narrowbody race.



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