Week on the Web 3 June

From Arie “Ariel View” Egozi, our man in Tel Aviv: the French know wine, the Italians know pasta and the Israelis know unmanned air systems – like the British Watchkeeper (based on Elbit Systems’ Hermes 450, pictured) and France’s Harfang (a collaboration between the then-EADS and Israel Aerospace Industries). Now, via Airbus Defence & Space, IAI will from 2015 provide German forces with a successor to its Heron 1, to bridge the gap to 2020 when a European-developed surveillance system may arrive. And what will that European system be? Industrial partners Airbus, Alenia Aermacchi and Dassault Aviation are – again – pushing France, Germany and Italy to jointly deliver a medium-altitude, long-­endurance UAS. Is this just more talk, wonders The DEW Line, or will something actually come of it this time?

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