The Farnborough campaign begins

Tomorrow, Saturday 12 July, the Flightglobal team – gathered from our three regional offices in London, Washington and Singapore – decamps to a newsroom in Farnborough, where the fun begins! Well, fun might be the wrong word. Farnborough is gruelling stuff. But we hope what we produce is worth it. Here is what we will be be offering over five days of the show:

  • Each day our Farnborough landing page at will be updated with the latest news, images and videos.
  • For our premium users, the Flightglobal dashboard will have up-to-the-minute air transport coverage.
  • If you’re attending the show, make sure you pick up your Flight Daily News from our red-suited distributors on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  • For those not at the show, read our three editions of Interactive Flight Daily News, available from Tuesday on the Flight International iPad app or on
  • The 22 July issue of Flight International will have a full report and analysis of the big stories of the week.
  • Finally, follow us on Twitter throughout the show.



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