Week on the web 8 July

Farnborough, notes The DEW Line, is set for an Airbus-Boeing toe-to-toe – over their proposals for South Korea’s in-flight refuelling requirement. Seoul doesn’t have any tankers, but wants to support its F-15Ks, F-16Cs and future F-35s. Four tanker/transports are required, with a decision due by year-end. Airbus’s A330 MRTT is in use with Australia, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and the UK, and has also been selected by France, India and Qatar. Boeing’s 767-based KC-46 remains in development, but has, as Boeing sees it, the advantage of being smaller. Israel Aerospace Industries is offering its own variant of the 767. The Ariel View, meanwhile, looks to the skies, where Israeli air force aircraft face a dangerous threat. Bird strikes have led the service to develop migration-tracking skills, in the name of safety and co-existence.

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