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Europe’s unmanned future

The US military may lead the world when it comes to unmanned aviation , but Europe is keen not to be left behind when it comes to this game-changing technology. In the 16 April issue of Flight International, we look at two key UAV projects on this side of the Atlantic. The first is the […]

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Week on the web 9 April

Our Image of the Day blog marked the 80th anniversary of first flight over Mount Everest. Lord Clydesdale and David McIntyre rose above the world’s highest peak in two Westland Wallace biplanes (left). The pioneers would go on to found Scottish Aviation, bequeathing the strong aviation hub that still exists at Prestwick. The DEW Line […]

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Straight & Level 9 April

Bidding for a piece of historyNever mind the event name, the item topping the list of the Spring Classic Car Auction in Toronto isn’t an automobile at all, but a former Air Canada Boeing 767-200.Not just any old twinjet, either, but possibly the most well-known aircraft in the country’s history – nothing less than the […]

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Steady as she goes, EADS

This first appeared as a Comment in the 9 April issue of Flight International At the risk of understating the significance of the transformative governance overhaul that has been formally instituted at EADS, now is a good time to ask: what next?As in any turnover of rules or leadership – and EADS has both, with […]

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Power of suggestion

The following article first appeared as a Comment in the 9 April issue of Flight International The Lockheed Martin F-35 is set to become the mainstay fighter for not only the US Department of ­Defense, but also many US allies. However, costs are projected to be far greater than expected, at $1.1 trillion. Former US […]

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Fuel speed ahead

The UK’s new Airbus A330 Voyager graces the cover of the latest Flight International (9-15 April), in which defence editor Craig Hoyle assesses the transition from the aged VC10 and TriStar tankers to the latest fleet of refuelling aircraft. This year, he asserts, marks a “crucial transition” for the country’s in-flight military aircraft refuelling capabilities. We also preview […]

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Straight & Level 26 March

Willie sells BMI’s place in countryThe 18th century Donington Hall, near Derby, HQ of BMI for more than 30 years, symbolised the ambitions of Sir Michael Bishop to take on British Airways and turn his upstart airline into part of the UK aviation establishment. Now the grade II-listed country seat has become the latest casualty […]

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Week on the web 26 March

Hyperbola blogger David Todd put his film critic’s hat on to review BBC docu-drama The Challenger, about a brave attempt to get around US military-industrial complex machinations and NASA blame-shifting to find the truth behind the catastrophic 1986 loss of Space Shuttle Challenger. Hyperbola’s verdict: “An involving and educational film which gives nonconformists hope around […]

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Canada must confront complacency

It boasts world-leading companies, but Canada’s aerospace industry – one of the world’s biggest – is in danger of lagging in an increasingly globally competitive market. Blessed with a long heritage of aerospace manufacturing, top technical schools, its own OEMs and privileged access to the largest military marketplace, Canada’s industry has had every chance to […]

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One for all?

(The following article appeared as a leading article in Flight International 26 March 2013) There was a sense of déjà vu, and similar mixture of feelings, when Boeing announced on 15 March that only a General Electric engine will power the 777X.Boeing’s decision comes 14 years after the 115,000lb-thrust (67kN) variant of the GE90 gained […]

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