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One for all?

(The following article appeared as a leading article in Flight International 26 March 2013) There was a sense of déjà vu, and similar mixture of feelings, when Boeing announced on 15 March that only a General Electric engine will power the 777X.Boeing’s decision comes 14 years after the 115,000lb-thrust (67kN) variant of the GE90 gained […]

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Flight International Canada special

It has companies that lead the world in their sectors, a rich heritage of manufacturing and innovation stretching back to before the Second World War, and unique access to the biggest defence market in the world. Yet Canada’s aerospace industry must confront huge challenges. Our 18-page, 26 March Canadian special report looks at some of these, […]

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Straight & Level 19 March

Vickers in a twistHoward Mason, heritage manager with BAE Systems, responds to Chris Barnes’s assertion that all Vickers types began with V. Do they include the Vellesley, Vellington, Vindsor and Varwick, he asks? That said, Vs certainly figured prominently in Vickers’ catalogue. “I think you will find that the Valentias were mainly converted from the […]

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Week on the web 19 March

After our special report marking 25 years since the first Airbus A320 was handed over to launch customer Air France, the Image of the Day blog ran a shot of that very aircraft, F-GFKA, at Düsseldorf after maiden revenue service, from Paris, on 18 April 1988 (left). The moment was captured by our own Peter […]

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How airlines are beating the system

If airline passengers knew what a lottery the route to an airline pilot’s first job was in Europe, there would be more white knuckles gripping armrests at take-off and landing.The European Cockpit Association has made a study of the inconsistencies in today’s pilot supply system. The first observation is that there is no system, but […]

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Boeing’s battery bet

(This first appeared as a Comment in Flight International 19 March 2013) Should everything now go according to plan, the Boeing 787 will be flying passengers again before the Paris air show in June. The entire grounded fleet will be back in service within a few months. The battery crisis that erupted on 7 January […]

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Malaysia’s diplomatic fighter choice

When it comes to choosing its aircraft Malaysia has always mixed realpolitic with operational need, which is why it has ended up with a bit of a hotch-potch of US, British and Russian fighter types. And, as Greg Waldron explains in his preview to the country’s LIMA air show in the 19 March edition of […]

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Straight & Level 12 February

Warning: engine on the looseFollowing our item on the piston engine test on 12 February, John Wiseman sends in an extract from a “fascinating paper” by Kimble McCutcheon on the development of the Pratt & Whitney R-2800. It concerns an incident observed by test engineer Dana Waring.“Waring was observing an engine running at full power […]

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Week on the web 12 March

On The DEW Line, Craig Hoyle gave his first impressions of flying on an Airbus Military A400M, after getting airborne in development aircraft “Grizzly 4″ on 1 March. “The cargo hold is large and uncluttered, and the seating installed along its sides is both roomy and comfortable,” he wrote. “The four-point passenger harness is also […]

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Pupil defeats master in light helicopters

(The following article first appeared as a Comment in 12 March 2013 Flight International) Three years after Frank Robinson retired from leading his eponymous light helicopter company, his competitors are only now starting to play catch-up. Bell Helicopter did nothing as Robinson launched work on a light turbine in 2001, and remained frozen as he […]

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