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A350 finally makes the cover of Flight

Deciding what goes on the front cover of Flight International is never an exact science. The Airbus A350 is most important new airliner to fly this year (although Bombardier might argue the point), but, because our cover goes to press on Thursday morning, we’ve missed two chances to put it on the cover. Both its […]

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Europe’s unmanned future

The US military may lead the world when it comes to unmanned aviation , but Europe is keen not to be left behind when it comes to this game-changing technology. In the 16 April issue of Flight International, we look at two key UAV projects on this side of the Atlantic. The first is the […]

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On batteries and picking your battles

This article first appeared as a Comment in the 26 February 2013 issue of Flight International Former Airbus chief Tom Enders was referring to the A380 wing ribs when, in one of his outgoing speeches, he talked about the treacherous-but-tempting path signposted “Innovation”.“You’re walking a tightrope,” he said. Long, ambitious strides carry the risk of […]

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