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How to save GA?

The international organisation that represents owners and pilots of private light aircraft describes the situation in Europe’s general aviation sector as “dire”. Consumer belt-tightening, pressure to turn “inefficient” local aerodromes into housing and industrial estates, increasing red tape and a general feeling that flying for fun is no longer an exciting option for many teenagers: all are squeezing […]

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Steady as she goes, EADS

This first appeared as a Comment in the 9 April issue of Flight International At the risk of understating the significance of the transformative governance overhaul that has been formally instituted at EADS, now is a good time to ask: what next?As in any turnover of rules or leadership – and EADS has both, with […]

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Why EADS needn’t be defensive

(This first appeared as a Comment in the 5 March 2013 issue of Flight International) EADS chief executive Tom Enders can be excused for showing no job-security anxiety about the fact that one of his first acts as chief executive was to unveil an audacious merger proposal that failed spectacularly. By joining with weapons systems […]

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