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Week on the web 28 May

At The DEW Line, details emerged of the modified F/A-18F Super Hornet equipped with conformal fuel tanks and a weapons pod that Boeing and the US Navy plan to fly later this summer. Rhino, as the aircraft is affectionately known, is intended to test the aerodynamics of those extra shapes (pictured) – especially at transonic […]

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Week on the web 7 May

Craig Hoyle gives his take on the “anti-drone” protest at RAF Waddington in late April on The Dew Line. “It’s good that the protesters can have their voices heard,” notes Hoyle. “And I’m sure that the peace camp at Waddington will remain for some time – probably until combat operations in Afghanistan end late next […]

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Week on the web 16 April

The death of former UK prime minister Margaret Thatcher prompted David Todd to assess on the Hyperbola blog the Iron Lady’s contribution to the country’s spaceflight sector during her time in office in the 1980s. “Thatcher’s record was mixed. As a chemistry graduate she was known to have an interest in science. However, she and […]

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