Pilots – don’t read Flight International in the cockpit!

This thread  over with our good friends at Pprune prompts me to warn our pilot readers not to read Flight International while flying. It’s the contribution by username Klink that got my attention.

The debate there is over the question of whether it is OK for airline pilots to read while in the cruise. Klink says you shouldn’t read novels because they get too much of your attention. Stick to something lighter, he recommends.

Excellent point. As responsible publishers we’re urging you not to read Flight International either – because if novels grab too much of your attention, then think what this cracking magazine will do! Especially the jobs section!!!

I’d be interested to hear suggestions as to suitable cockpit reading material which takes so little mental effort that it does not pose a hazard.

And I’m happy to point readers (who contact me privately I think) at publications that carry no risk of distracting their attention at all, leaving them bright and alert and ready to respond in an instant to their next TCAS RA. (Not that they’ll need to be for much longer it seems.)

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