Are you watching, Ryanair? Southwest Airlines launches blog

It was only a matter of time I suppose before the folks at Southwest Airlines got blogging.  They’re off to a slightly uncertain start – same as all of us – but they’ve picked up on the idea of using multiple authors which will make it a lot easier for busy execs to make the time needed.

I know for a fact that Southwest’s, umm, friends at American employ a guy who’s job it is to monitor what bloggers are saying about American – and at least sometimes respond. I guess this will give him something to chew over at the next management meeting. 

I’ve commented before that despite their very similar business models, Southwest and Ryanair have spectacularly different service models. Imagine what Ryanair could do with a blog – hey, people might even start to fly with them because they liked to instead of just because it was cheap.

It’ll never happen….

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