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Will BMI help boost Saudi tourism?

BMI’s inaugural flight from London Heathrow to Jeddah last Thursday matched the customer profile the route is likely to attract in future. British Muslims travelling as pilgrims to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina took up a large share of the 767-300 aircraft, and business travellers seemed to make up the rest. BMI has […]

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Flight TV at ILA

I’m just back from ILA in Berlin and for a show that often gets dismissed as little more than a local air fair, there was plenty going on, with flying displays by the A380, the thrust-vectoring MiG-29, and a replica of the Messerschmitt Me262, the first operational jet fighter. For the journalists among us, there was […]

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A380 @ LHR2.jpg

Airbus A380 goes to Heathrow – oh yes, didn’t the Brits build some of it?

It’s a windswept day at Heathrow (more on that wind later) and the great British media is camped in the new Pier 6 at Terminal 3 ready for the A380′s first visit to the UK, let alone London. Frankly it’s about time. The first of several A380 mega-events was the opening of the production building […]

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Arsenal versus the A380 – the Champions League grudge match

The UK aerospace community’s leading lights were out in force last night at London’s Royal Lancaster Hotel to attend the Royal Aeronautical Society’s glittering annual banquet. Nothing unusual in that, you might think, but for a fair number of the guests there were other, more burning matters to consider beside the fine wine, oriental crab […]

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News on that Enplaned blog

Following my request for information on Enplaned I have news. At least I assume I have anyway. I received a personal e-mail from a pretty anonymous Yahoo address saying thanks for our concern and stating the following: We stopped doing the blog because: 1) it was time consuming2) it was non-remunerative3) it didn’t live up […]

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Someone must know what happened to the Enplaned aviation blog

When I first started blogging there were hardly any aviation blogs worth reading, but eventually Enplaned came along and was always worth reading. You needn’t bother clicking on the link though, because one day a couple of months ago it suddenly disappeared. There’s been no explanation, and the really odd thing was that even in the […]

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Why Embraer has its business aviation strategy right

Last week at EBACE in Geneva, Embraer unveiled its latest business aircraft – an executive version of the E-190 regional jet. You can read how we reported it in Flight Evening News, our unique show evening newspaper, here. The Brazilian manufacturer cannot put a foot wrong at the moment as far as business aviation is […]

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Out with the new, in with the new: John Reid moves on

So the rumours about the UK Labour Party’s strategy to drag itself out of a crisis of its own making have been proven right, with perennial safe pair of hands John Reid having been moved on to the Home Office after serving less than a year as defence secretary. A feisty Scot with a penchant […]

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Boeing helped design Sukhoi’s RRJ, so how come it has sidesticks?

It’s an odd thing but, although Boeing was very publicly involved in the design of Sukhoi’s Russian Regional Jet (RRJ), the aircraft has actually come out more Airbus-influenced. I’m not yet sure how important that is, but it’s possible that it could matter more than you might imagine. In particular the aircraft has sidestick controllers […]

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