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Across town in a 747-400

Normally I hate it when passengers clap on landing, as to me it suggests those people had doubts we would ever get to our destination safely. But on Thai Airways flight TG1881 on 29 July, I didn’t mind so much. That was because it was the first commercial flight ever to touch down at Bangkok’s […]

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Farnborough: China in your hands

According to the US department of the treasury the China Great Wall Industry company has been helping naughty Iran with its missile programme. Waiting to ask my questions about Shuttle night launches, I wondered if my camera toting Academy friends knew anything about that?

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Nimrod MRA4 - CH.jpg

Photos: onboard the Royal Air Force’s new BAE Systems Nimrod MRA4

Yesterday’s Farnborough air show saw a long-awaited and welcome boost for the UK Royal Air Force, with the confirmation of a production order for 12 of BAE Systems’ new generation Nimrod MRA4 maritime reconnaisance and attack aircraft. Announced by UK secretary of state for defence Des Browne and BAE chief executive Mike Turner, the milestone ceremony […]

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Randy Baseler talks about his blog (and Airbus)

Boeing VP marketing Randy Baseler was in London yesterday to present the annual Current Market Outlook, but it also gave me a nice opportunity to talk to him about his blog. He obviously likes doing it and in fact seemed to enjoy discussing that more than talking through the mountains of stats in the presentation. He […]

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Bob Johnson pops up at Dubai Aerospace Enterprise

We’ve just had the press release in announcing Bob Johnson’s appointment as chief executive of Dubai Aerospace Enterprise. Interestingly, colleagues and I have recently had conversations about who would be the first DAE CEO and what had happened to Bob Johnson after he retired from running Honeywell Aerospace last year. Nobody linked the two. If […]

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Another a couple of decades of WIWOL (but not quite the same)

So the USA is going to call the Lockheed Martin F-35A the Lightning II. Great choice – but they’ll never be true WIWOLers. By now you either know exactly what I’m talking about, or you haven’t a clue. Existing WIWOLers can stop reading now. It works like this – at any bar in any RAF […]

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Shuttle dreams and the unreal world of KSC

The smoke billows out and up and the orange tip seen above the tree line rises as the world’s only reusable space plane lifts off of its launch pad on the Florida peninsula. For the audience 2miles away the departure from the pad is silent, the light reflected from the most complex machine humanity has ever built reaches eyes minutes before the sound would.

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Forgeard has gone …too late for our leader

One of the perils of writing for a weekly print publication is that events – rather irritatingly – have a habit of moving on between going to press on Friday and the issue appearing early the following week. So it was this week, when we penned a leader on why No︺ Forgeard could not stay on […]

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EADS power shifts to Germany

It’s more than likely that next Sunday will see Germany and France meet each other in soccer’s World Cup Final – but today in the macabre chess match that currently passes for management at EADS it was Germany that came out on top. Consider: gone are the CEO of Airbus – the self-effacing Gustav Humbert […]

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