On board the A380 at Farnborough

Spare a thought for Christian Streiff. When most French are hitting the autoroutes this weekend – heading for the coast, campsites or countryside – the Airbus boss and hundreds of managers and engineers will be staying behind, like a strict new form-master and schoolboys in detention, to fix the A380. It’s difficult to judge Streiff from his one public appearance so far – at a mobbed press conference at Farnborough – but he certainly comes across as someone who is determined to put things right. The “old” Airbus would have turned up at the air show and, with a combination of arrogance, spin and bluster, denied that there was a problem. But the Forgeard era is over and the new Airbus is prepared to admit past mistakes. We filmed the press conference on Flight TV, which you can see here.

We also got a chance to go on board the A380 MSN001 at Farnborough. You can see what it’s like here on Flight TV. My colleague Max-Kingsley Jones took these pictures. In a few weeks time, Flight International’s test pilot Mike Gerzanics will be getting a chance to fly the airliner for the first time. You will be able to read what he made of the superjumbo in Flight International and on flightglobal.com.

fbo06-1 004.jpg


fbo06-1 003.jpg

fbo06-1 005.jpg


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  1. Michel Gloutnay 11 April, 2007 at 6:39 am #

    Nice pictures you have of the A380. But my question is :: would you have one that shows
    how the wing is attached to the fuselage ??

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