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Hello! My name is Japanese F***ing B****!

And audience “participation” there was with Virgin Atlantic’s corporate comms chief being stripped half naked, simulated sex acts and the airline’s chief pilot having to give a lap dance and my RBI (our publishing company) colleague from Travel Weekly having his head trapped between JFB’s thighs while she, he, gyrated above him.

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EADS’s Barracuda UCAV swims with the fishes

Sea food is well and truly off the menu at EADS this week, following the embarrassing loss of its Barracuda unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV) demonstrator to an accident. The 3t air vehicle – named after a long, slender fish – returned to the sea in a so-far unexplained ditching near the end of a […]

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Good week, bad week for Boeing

It was good news and bad news for Orbiter provider Boeing this week with another successful Space Shuttle mission but a gloomy horizon for the company’s hopes of gaining work on NASA’s Orion crew vehicle launcher Ares I.Shuttle Atlantis’s STS-115 assembly mission to the International Space Station (ISS) is the first in four years and […]

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A380-pr 060a.jpg

Riding shotgun on an A380 flight test

Having been reporting on the A380 and its predecessor the A3XX for a decade, it was with much anticipation that I climbed aboard to undertake my first flight on the giant.For the 14 September flight aboard MSN001 F-WWOW, I was “riding shot-gun” for our flight-test pilot Mike Gerzanics who was one of five pilot-writers invited to […]

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When will NASA learn to learn from history?

The Apollo programme’s flights to the Moon, a tremendous feat considering every thing that went wrong during the missions, began with the death of the astronauts, Ed White, Roger Chaffee and ‘Gus’ Grissom on the launch pad for Apollo 1.

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Hey, look at all those passengers stranded in our airport, how funny is that!

The word awesome is a little overworked these days (and not just in California) – but it truly does seem appropriate to describe the magnitude of the public relations fiasco that has just been unleased by Britain’s currently least favourite major corporation – BAA. With a stranglehold on London’s airports, under siege by just about […]

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Mulally – out of the ordinary

I knew Alan Mulally was out of the ordinary within seconds of meeting him some 14 years ago. Just appointed to head Boeing’s newly created 777 division, his corner office at Everett looked more like a hobbyist’s workshop than an executive’s domain with large parts of aircraft structure and various components littering the floor. My […]

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Breakfast at the Oriental – low cost launches

Airline launches are full of clich駸. New carriers often promise a “new chapter in aviation history.” Many announce a “new dawn in business travel” and the word “revolution” is bandied about as often as “solutions” at a software convention. The European launch of Oasis Hong Kong Airlines had all the old favourites, yet there was […]

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Boldly choosing Lockheed spells the end of an era

In a surprise move NASA has chosen Lockheed Martin over the Northrop Grumman, Boeing team that represented the legacy companies that built the US space programme’s previous manned spacecraft. Boeing bought Rockwell International, the Shuttle’s developer and manufacturer in the 1970s and 1980s, in the 1990s. Today Boeing provides the manned Orbiter vehicle and integrates […]

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