Hey, look at all those passengers stranded in our airport, how funny is that!

The word awesome is a little overworked these days (and not just in California) – but it truly does seem appropriate to describe the magnitude of the public relations fiasco that has just been unleased by Britain’s currently least favourite major corporation – BAA.

With a stranglehold on London’s airports, under siege by just about everybody who comes into contact with them, and a competition authorities investigation just getting underway, now would seem a good time to ingratiate yourself with the world whenever possible.

But instead, this toweringly arrogant company brings us this. I doubt that new owners Ferrovial will let this pass without a head rolling.

(A quick confession here – I’m busy this morning and I haven’t had time to check whether the Mirror’s story is actually true. But that doesn’t seem to matter in the blogosphere – so on this occasion you can choose whether to believe it or not.)

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