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Low-cost carriers let well-off people and small businesses fly more

Obvious you may say, but the point is, as a thoughtful and well-researched UK study has just shown, that the LCCs almost certainly haven’t been responsible for the growth in European traffic since the mid-1990s. The study – No Frills Carriers: Revolution or Evolution? – by the UK CAA’s Economic Regulation Group finds that the […]

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How I told a Delta Air Lines executive VP someone was trying to buy his airline

Sometimes press conferences are boring, sometimes they unexpectedly turn interesting. Delta’s executive VP sales and customer service Lee Macenczak is in London today mainly to launch the airline’s London-New York service and also generally to talk about getting out of Chapter 11 and so on. This morning we all sat politely taking in his Powerpoint […]

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Crash landing in the Roswell triangle of New Mexico

A deep rumbling rolled across the cloudless sky and I looked up to see the black triangles. Twelve of them flew from left to right in my field of view in four formations of three. The Lockheed Martin F-117A Nighthawks, based at Holloman Air Force Base nearby, were going somewhere and en masse.

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Sabena – So, a badly exaggerated name alarm

I know, I know, don’t say anything. SN Brussels Airlines and Virgin Express aren’t rebranding as Sabena. They’re rebranding as Brussels Airlines. And I think the image looks pretty snappy. Wasn’t my story anyway – just my blog, and you know how reliable they are!

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Will airsickness kill the blended wing-body (BWB) Silent Aircraft?

There’s a great deal of interest in blended wing-bodies (BWB) all of a sudden. Yesterday the Silent Aircraft Initiative people unveiled a chunk of their work, which we wrote about. There is plenty of other work going on, such as this at Cranfield University. And Boeing will fly the X-48B model early next year. I suppose […]

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Salute Flybe for a truly astonishing achievement

For those of you not familiar with Exeter, it’s what can only be called a pleasant city (pop 118,000) in the middle of England’s gorgeous Devon countryside. It’s got a rather nice airport which most people only ever see as they drive south past it on the way to what passes for the sun in […]

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Flight given exclusive access to materials proving CIA developed and flew robotic insect eavesdropping devices

Evidence of flight-testing of a long-rumoured robotic insect-like surveillance micro unmanned air vehicle (UAV) developed by the US Central Intelligence Agency has been demonstrated exclusively to Flight.

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Do airline pilots ever need to go solo? (Not if they get a multi-crew pilot licence (MPL))

It’s not terribly often that a Boeing vice president discusses her maternal instincts in public, but the charming Marsha Bell (pic below), VP first officer program(me) at Boeing’s Alteon training division was doing just that in London today. Let me explain… Alteon is currently hard at work devising a programme to train pilots to obtain […]

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