Airbus market share – I was sort-of right

Well, the Airbus numbers are out and my prediction of a week ago that they’d get to 40% by net units sold was right, but a big chunk of undisclosed customers listed as December 06 orders means that I wasn’t as close as I’d like to have been. In fact, Airbus’s 790 net orders gets them up to 43% against Boeing’s 1,044 net at 57%.

So that’s one of their best years ever in absolute terms, but also puts Boeing back as undisputed champion for the year – for Airbus I think “bittersweet” is the word (probably something a little stronger inside the company.)

The additional December 06 orders revealed today are as follows:

  • Undisclosed – 5 x A320

  • Private – 1 x A319

  • MEA – 4 x A319, 4 x A330-200

  • AirBlue – 4 x A320

  • Private – 1 x A319

  • Undisclosed – 3 x A319, 7 x A320, 5 x A330-200

  • Undisclosed – 9 x A319, 18 x A320

If you know who the undisclosed customers are, then do tell…

So congratulation to Boeing on a really superb performance. And congratulations to FT Deutschland who got the correct Airbus figure leaked to them four days ago!


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