Something odd really is going on with Ryanair at Girona

It’s not the most important story in the world, but I’ve got personal experience of this story in The Times regarding strange goings-on at the Ryanair operation at Girona in Spain.I flew this route recently (7 April) and watched as a passenger in the check-in line ahead of me was told his bag was overweight and sent to a separate window to pay the excess. He returned a few minutes later and we let him go back into the line ahead of us. I overheard his conversation, which was to the effect that when the second clerk had weighed his bag it was in fact not overweight. The female check-in clerk shrugged her shoulders and accepted his bag.

Odd, I thought. Then we checked in and I discovered my bag had also mysteriously gained 1.5kg between Stansted a week earlier and Girona – despite having identical contents. Still left me within the limit. I didn’t think much more of it until I read The Times story.

In fairness, my whole trip was otherwise faultless as it always has been on Ryanair. Nice new aircraft, on-time both ways, bags delivered within minutes including golf clubs. Isn’t it strange how big a 737 cabin looks when it hasn’t got cabin dividers?

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