What do M-ICRO, M-YJET and M-ONEY have in common?

By Helen Massy-Beresford

The answer is that they will all represent aircraft registered on the Isle of Man aircraft registry once it begins operating on 1 May.

The FlyMann register, run by Isle of Man-based trust company Equiom promises to allow owners to take advantage of the lower taxes in the British crown dependency.

Speaking at a briefing about the launch of the register in London last week, the Isle of Man’s director of civil aviation, Brian Johnson revealed that some of the more obvious registrations had been snapped up by the owners of seven business jets and helicopters that have already signed up.

Aircraft registered in the Isle of Man will have an “M” prefix, which formerly belonged to Spain’s register, Johnson says, and while some of the quirky names have already been taken, there are plenty left for the aircraft owner wishing to personalise his assets.

For the patriotic Isle of Man resident he suggested M-ANXI. Meanwhile, there’s plenty on offer for celebrity owners too – what about M-ICRO or M-SOFT for Bill Gates? M-ANIC or M-ONKEY or M-ELON could suit the more eccentric owner, and someone is bound to go for M-RBIG…


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