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The Long March up the Youyi road…

“Stop writing!” the young female employee of the China Academy of Space Technology (CAST) blurted, suddenly appearing beside me. I stopped sketching the lunar sample return vehicle model in front of me on the faux Moon landscape wondering if I was about to be man handled by the uniformed men of the People’s Liberation Army we had seen at the main gate to this restricted area.

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Eclipse: Vern Raburn yearns for the benefit of hindsight at EBACE

By Murdo Morrison “With the benefit of hindsight, we underestimated the difficulty of this.” Thus the always honest Vern Raburn, founder of pioneering very light jet manufacturer Eclipse Aviation, reflected yesterday at EBACE on the almost decade-long battle to make a reality of his vision of an affordable personal jet aircraft. After umpteen setbacks, Eclipse […]

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EBACE: a few grumbles on the first day

By Murdo Morrison Journalists and the public relations community aiming to get their companies’ messages across were not entirely happy with the new layout at EBACE on Monday’s press day. The show has been a victim of its own success and this year has spilled out of hall six, last year’s home, into hall seven, […]

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EBACE: Round the world in a solar-powered airplane

By Murdo Morrison The developers of a single-pilot aircraft which its inventors plan to fly around the world in 2011, powered only by sunlight, rather oddly chose EBACE to launch their latest initiative: a virtual flight from Honolulu to Miami which you can follow in real time today at the solarimpulse site The Solar Impulse […]

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EBACE: Grob’s great comeback

Grob – a niche maker of motor gliders and light aircraft based in Bavaria – surprised the industry when it unveiled at the Paris air show in 2005 its all-composite SPn light jet. Run for years as a bit of an indulgent sideline by the family behind German industrial machine company Grob, the aerospace arm […]

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EBACE, a show that continues to grow

With chocolate box mountains as a backdrop, not to mention fine restaurants and Lake Geneva itself, there can be few better cities to come to for a trade show in May than Geneva. And EBACE is one of the best trade shows to attend – the convention centre is 10 minutes from the city centre […]

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Red Moon at night, Politburo’s delight

However the speeches this morning at the opening of the 16th International Academy of Astronautics’ Humans in Space conference here at the Beijing Friendship Hotel are friendlier and there is lots of waffle about peaceful exploration from dry officials and a handful of astronauts. While everyone, bar some of those dry officials, are more interested in hearing about the prospect of a Chinese manned lunar mission.

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British pilots petition Government over security checks

They’ve been complaining about it for years and now the UK’s pilots are doing something more concrete about the way they’re treated by airport security. More than 1,300 of them have taken advantage of an e-petition system introduced by the Blair administration to make their concerns public. The effort was co-ordinated via the Pprune website. […]

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Orbiting the blogosphere

One wonders if this venue change is the reason behind a bit of news that hasn’t hit the blogosphere yet, the withdrawal of the Leading Edge team from the online community’s Rocket Racing League.

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Onboard the 7X…

By Murdo Morrison The interior of 7X serial number three – I was on board the aircraft’s first “public” flight last Friday from Merignac to Farnborough – only hints at the grandeur in which future occupants of the world’s first fly-by-wire business jet will be transported non-stop from the likes of Dubai to New York. […]

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