EBACE: a few grumbles on the first day

By Murdo Morrison

Journalists and the public relations community aiming to get their companies’ messages across were not entirely happy with the new layout at EBACE on Monday’s press day. The show has been a victim of its own success and this year has spilled out of hall six, last year’s home, into hall seven, where the aircraft manufacturers are based.

Some of the spin-doctors for first tier suppliers were complaining that – by being consigned to hall six, alongside the FBOs, finance houses and seat-cover manufacturers – they were denied their spiritual home next to their big customers like Bombardier and Dassault. Many end-users, they complained, would simply visit the OEMs in hall seven, and the static park over the bridge, rather than tour hall six.

Unseasonably humid weather also meant the new press conference rooms in hall seven were far from ideal as speakers struggled to be heard over whirring standalone fans. Making a joke about there being enough hot air already probably wasn’t the best move.

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