590 and counting

Towards the end of every major airshow, my colleague Max Kingsley Jones totals up the sales announced by Airbus, Boeing and others and produces the definitive list of new orders placed at the show. With two days down I thought I would try to produce my own unscientific tally of orders announced at Paris (and reported by my colleagues on Air Transport Intelligence). In the spirit of show hype I included everything – orders, options, memoranda of understanding, letters of intent and “I’m sure saw them looking at the aircraft in the static park”. As far as I can calculate, 550 firm orders and 40 options were announced in the first two days. That included 389 Airbuses, 109 Boeings, 45 Embraers and 47 miscellaneous. Okay so a lot of those were orders revealed before Paris and simply signed at the show, but they are still pretty impressive numbers, with more to come I am sure. I will now hand over to Max to come up with the definitive show total, in aircraft and in dollars, so watch this space…

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  1. Kristopher 21 June, 2007 at 10:34 pm #

    We are also tired of the Boeing fanatics that think that Randy’s blogs is the ultimate and genuine expression of true journalist. :)

    Airbus is stealing the show, google the word “Paris Airshow” and the results will be accompained by “Airbus” in the same sentence! Thus, Flight International cannot miss the party or they would lose the readers.

    Quote: “Yourself have posted airbus….”

    This is the commercial world lol, everybody is looking at the orders, and I might think you are too.

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