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Paris, unmanned

There was a time when the first day of a Paris show would be marked by the unveiling of new airliners, business jets and fighters. Not so much these days. Except in the unmanned sector. According to the latest issue of Peter La Franchi’s Flight Unmanned newsletter, Italy’s Alenia Aeronautica has taken the wraps off […]

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Paris air show: More than just a aircraft showcase

The afternoon has begun with a showcase of a multitude of different aircraft; from the Airbus A380 (which was noticeable for its surprising quietness despite its impressive size) to the Eurofighter Typhoon (which was fast and unsurprisingly loud) The variation in aircraft has been matched by the eclectic selection of music. Sitting in the editorial […]

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Air show fatigue? What air show fatigue?

There was a time a year or two back when you would often hear aerospace companies bemoaning the fact that there were too many air shows, and that they no longer had the resources or inclination to go to all of them. Judging by this morning’s frantic activity on the opening day of the 2007 […]

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Paris air show begins

The Paris air show week begins today and already there is a frenzied excitement as all the journalists scurry around to find out the latest news.

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NATO’s missing Nighthawk and Serbia’s claim to fame

Ostrich Street, Belgrade, and my first encounter with Balkan wit goes something like this: ‘Serbian forces today shot down a NATO stealth fighter and two Tomahawk cruise missiles over Kosovo. The Pentagon has denied the claim in a statement saying that all three had returned safely to base.’ Side-splitting, I’m sure, if you like your […]

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Can you win the Microsoft paper plane challenge?

Bored? Got that Friday feeling?Then why not try throwing a paper plane out of a window? To celebrate the release of Flight Simulator X, Microsoft have released a quirky game that challenges you to see how far you can throw an imaginary paper airplane. By using your mouse alone, you can attempt to throw the […]

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When 737 maintenance goes down to the wire

Mechanics at the Jat Tehnika maintenance base have their own private pet-name by which they refer to this barely-recognisable Boeing 737 perched in a Belgrade hangar. “We call it the ‘submarine’,” says one of the engineers, giving me a brief tour around the tail-less, engine-less, windowless, wheel-less, bare-metal fuselage. For reasons which have yet to […]

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Warplane nose art consigned to history books?

Mark Wagner – Aviation Images© Someone once said that behind every great man is a great woman and as a morale booster for RAF fighter pilots (assuming they are men) these women come painted on the noses of warplanes wearing killer heels and, increasingly, not much else. The Daily Mail reported on Wednesday (6th June) […]

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Amongst the heavens: literally and metaphorically

But ASI and ESA had made a refreshing choice with an 11th century Abbey as the location for its third cooperation meeting, albeit in the middle of the countryside that provided for a fun, if not tense, number of junctions where a wrong turn in the hire car (that’s car rental for you Americans) could lead to toll road terror.

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