Pilots want toxic fumes to be recognised

Toxic fumes on aircraft are poisoning pilots and making them unable to fly safely, say pilots, who are campaigning for “aerotoxic syndrome” to be recognised as a disease, according to The New Scientist.

Two official investigations are being opened after concerns that highly toxic oil contaminants are leaking into cabin air supply on commercial airliners in flight.

“Everybody recognises that there are incidents where fumes enter cabins,” says Jonathon Nicholson, a spokesperson for the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). “We will look at further work on the issue if long-term health issues are proven.”

In the article, one pilot said she was poisoned by fumes from leaked engine oil while flying.

She and other grounded pilots launched a campaign for the condition to be recognised, at a meeting at the on 18 June.

The UK government is to fit air-monitoring equipment on board aircraft and 1500 pilots will take part in a health study to establish the extent of the problem.

Have you ever been affected by inhaling poisonous fumes? Does it just affect pilots?

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