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Boeing 737s under scrutiny

2007 has not been a good year so far for the Boeing 737.

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A week of drama

A story like an aircraft explosion is more effectively told through video images and pictures and the China Airlines Boeing 737-800 that was destroyed by fire in Japan on 20 August after landing is no exception.

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Personal Air Vehicle challenge videos

Ever wondered why we still can’t jump into a car-like vehicle and someway down the highway flip a switch and convet to flight mode and take-off for a day visit to San Francisco or Rome, depending on whether your in Europe or the US?

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Extreme Boeing 747 exposure

So far, it has been a busy old month for the Boeing 747. Most interesting of course has been the video footage of the KLM 747 landing at St Maartens in the Netherlands Antilles. What a close shave that was.

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The insurance industry’s most feared man to do the same to aviation industry?

Eliot Spitzer, lawyer, politician and governor of New York, has for the last few years been the most feared man in the insurance business. He’s now setting his sights on the aviation industry and I’d suggest it ought to be quaking in its boots.

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Heathrow protests: The debate rages on

The Heathrow protests continue unabated, receiving its usual fair share of press coverage and polarised debate. None more so than in our AirSpace forums, where opinion ranges from sympathy for protesters to outrage at the act and the cost it is incurring to tax payers.

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Brazilians: Fed up and saying so?

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Watch for the high roundouts as runways widen for the A380

Airbus’ new A380 may just have been cleared by the US Federal Aviation Administration and the European Aviation Safety Agency to operate on 45m-wide runways (which is standard for large airports), but the International Civil Aviation Organisation says the runway width for the type should be 60m. This has upset the airports that have to […]

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So long Sevastianov, thanks for all the ludicrous plans

So it is done, Nikolai “we can take tourists to the Moon” Sevastianov is gone as S. P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia’s president and general designer following a Soviet style round of voting.

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