Heathrow protests: The debate rages on

The Heathrow protests continue unabated, receiving its usual fair share of press coverage and polarised debate. None more so than in our AirSpace forums, where opinion ranges from sympathy for protesters to outrage at the act and the cost it is incurring to tax payers.

Dragon Lady summed up the anti protester position, believing that the protesters should “stop wasting people’s valuable time and get a job. Also stop giving them the publicity which they seem to crave for”.

Orville meanwhile seems more sympathetic, feeling that the protest is necessary in highlighting “subject of airport-linked environmental damage…and needs people like them to highlight it to the general public and politicians who could then fund some research into reducing the effects or coming up with alternatives”

Regardless of opinion, these events seem to highlight more than the issue itself but the act of protests in general and their usefulness in contemporary democratic society. It also highlights the importance of research before action!!

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