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Why Boeing is right about composites

Rob Coppinger is Flight’s technical reporter, he deals with subject matter as varied as micro air vehicles’ aerodynamics, enhanced combustion for reduced Nox emissions, computational fluid dynamics, rocket engine development, space operations and composites manufacturing processes advances.

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EASA: is it really that bad?

A special kind of scrutiny was applied to the European Aviation Safety Agency last week. On 27 September the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) imported five of the top executives from EASA, seated them behind a long desk facing a packed hall of industry people, allowed them a few words each to update the audience on […]

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Test your airport knowledge with ‘Virtual Pilot’ game

Lufthansa airline has released an addictive game that could waste away your lunch hour by testing your European airport knowledge.

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BA chooses Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 for long haul fleet options

The big news in the office this morning is the announcement from BA, who have chosen both Airbus and Boeing as their fleet options for the replacement of 34 of the BA’s long haul fleet.

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Flying lawn mower

I have been alerted to this fun site and it is clear to me after seeing this video of a flying lawn mower that some people will adapt almost anything to flight.

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Scorpions on a plane

A couple of months ago Flight wrote about camel spider that fatally distracted a military pilot in an F-16 fighter aircraft while in Afghanistan. Ben Mutzabaugh’s Today in the Sky Blog has highlighted how an airline passenger was stung by a scorpion during a flight from San Jose, Costa Rica, to Madrid.

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A man and his grommet

Here at the blogathon we have been talking about the stranger names and acronyms that dictate each industry? My personal favourite for aviation has to be a grommet,although all day I have been explaining to people that it isn’t a dog in the animation, but that beautiful little invention that help link bolts together ( […]

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The bored officeworkers ‘weapon’ of choice

A big thank you for our colleague at Travolution for this one, who found this wonderful gadget that allows you to mercilessly attack your colleagues that don’t offer to make the next tea round.

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Are safety logs being updated?

There is an interesting post on our forums that discusses a discussion about safety logs that occurred on a BBC Radio 4 programme on Saturday. Fred Bruggeman, representing Aircraft Engineers International (AEI), voiced his concern that pilots that do not immediately log their technical issues until the last leg of their rota, thus increasing the […]

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5,4,3,2,1 lift off: Rob Coppinger, Flight’s technical reporter launches his blog

Flight’s technical and space reporter takes one small step, and one giant leap orbiting the blogosphere as he launches his own blog today.

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