Stand up comedy with Steve Miller

steve%20miller.gifSteve Miller, chief exec of Oasis Hong Kong Airlines (only 10 months old), takes the stand and immediately begins to entertain.

He starts with a joke:.

A guy is holidaying in New Zealand, driving about the Islands in an SUV.

He comes to a sheep farm and stops when he sees the farmer.

He calls the farmer over and says: “Farmer, if I tell you how many sheep you’ve got, can I take one for myself?”

“Erm, ok,” says the farmer.

“1572,” replies the man instantly.

“Amazing,” says the farmer. “Well, I guess you can take a sheep then.”

So the man loads one animal into the back of his SUV and turns back to the farmer to say good bye.

“Wait a second,” says the farmer. “Now it’s my turn. If I can tell you what profession you are can I have my sheep back?”The man agrees to the challenge.

The farmer looks him up and down and says: “You’re an aviation consultant.”

“Amazing,” says the man. “How did you know that?”

“Well. You came along without being asked. You told me something I already knew. And lastly you clearly know nothing about the subject as you’ve just put my dog in your car.”

Anyway – back to business. Steve’s here to tell us that Oasis have had a reasonably successful start to life, following an embarrassing first flight which got cancelled before take off.

He wheels out a bunch of slides showing some decent write ups, a branding award, stats of increasing load factors (up to 95% on their London and Vancouver routes), and on-time performance (currently around 89%).

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