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Q400: A tale of Slings and Arrows

Over in the USA my colleague Mary Kirby, in her Runway Girl blog, has highlighted an Austrian Airlines demonstration of how to keep your head, while your Star Alliance partners at SAS are losing theirs, by shrugging off a minor Q400 technical problem and underlining faith in the reliability of the aircraft. To be fair, […]

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Boeing 747 in sepia

Here’s a very dated advertisement for the Boeing 747 “The 70s way to fly”.

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K-9 Fighter pet

Trawling the newspapers this morning I discovered that somewhere out there, a little Westie Stanley travels about, not on four legs but a makeshift Spitfire.

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Expert opinion of the SIA A380 food menu and Interiors

A review of the interiors and menu of the SIA A380 first flight from Singapore to Sydney

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A new advertising concept

Everything is bigger and better in Dubai, or so the emirate’s ruler would have you believe. So it seemed fitting that Ad Air unveiled the world’s largest ad there.

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SIA A380 first flight: Getting the “sexy” picture

The SIA A380 has had its first flight, but getting the ‘sexy’ first picture proved more difficult than you would think

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How to avoid traffic chaos in Dubai

Dubai is renowned for year round sunny climes, a tax-free status and lifestyle benefits including, as standard, a gym and a pool on the roof of your apartment building. But what they don’t tell you about Dubai is that it is riddled with daily traffic chaos. This is no fun, especially in the heat, even […]

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Life imitates art at Milan

With a Monday-morning Italian strike simmering nicely in Milan, causing chaos at Linate and Malpensa airports, the obligatory call is put in to operating company SEA. Inevitably they ask us to wait a moment while they try to find someone to talk about the mess. And down the phone comes their choice of hold music. […]

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How Borispol Airport cuts a short story long

Soviet propaganda is alive and flourishing in the taxi rank at Kiev Borispol Airport, where the distance to the city is 50-55km, if you listen to insistent drivers, or 45.7km if you read the taxi companies’ bold-print rubber-stamped table of fares, contained in a serious-looking black file and thrust under your nose if you dare […]

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The exciting world of EU research programmes with amazing names like, VIVACE!!

Rob Coppinger is a recovering powerpoint user and engineer who mistakenly thought journalism was more glamorous than production engineering.

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