Club Aviation

When I heard about an album inspired by the sound of aviation I thought it would be awful and amateurish but I was pleasantly surprised.

Belgian musician Bruno Misonne, has released an album of aviation music and if you can remember to think of the music as a journey the promotional release suggests it “is no ordinary flight” and promises to “soar above and beyond the limits of known musical genres” led by “pilot” Misonne.

The sound reminded me of the easy-listening style of Jean Michel-Jarre and I found my foot tapping involuntarily to the rhythm of Propellor Symphony. A380 deep freeze testing is a good little tune as is Turbofan Adrenalin.

But I’m not sure any of the tunes will make it into the UK’s Top 40.

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  1. Ted Costopoulos 18 May, 2010 at 11:15 pm #

    Flight International is the only mag. that I read so I can be up to date with Airbus,and Boeing

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