SIA A380 first flight: Getting the “sexy” picture

Sexy pictures are the aim of the day today in the Flight office, but not in the sense that you’d think.

Forget images of sexy flight attendants and uniforms for a second, we are talking about the first flight of the A380.

“The A380 I here you say”! Yes I admit, the sight of the hulking great machine isn’t titillating in any way (unless you like that sort of thing). We are talking about getting that “great shot” of the aircraft which it is finally running commercially.

Our initial hopes weren’t raised by the initial shots we got in, which seemed good but not quite “dynamic” enough (i.e. not flying):


But after a bit of a wait which involved tears, recriminations and great angst as the BBC got it online first, the images started coming through and our realisation came that the shot didn’t matter, it was the event that would start a new era of airline travel:


*If you have a better shot of the A380 than we have, let us know or alternatively upload it on AirSpace.

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One Response to SIA A380 first flight: Getting the “sexy” picture

  1. Lord Gee Cee 29 October, 2007 at 12:27 pm #

    Congratulations Airbus!
    Congratulations Singapore Airlines!
    We go to the christening party, to celebrate, when a new baby is born. why do we have to be constantly reminded that it is two years late?
    What is the point?
    How boring can some sections of the media get?

    Its my dream to be on that flight.

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