Easyjet’s black hole bookings

Reading Kieran Daly’s Unusual Attitude blog post about Easyjet’s security procedures reminded me of another oddity with Easyjet’s online booking policy.

A colleague of mine recently sent me his booking confirmation, noting the unusual email that Easyjet uses to mail its booking confirmations:

—–Original Message—–
From: easyJet.com [mailto:blackhole@easyJet.com]
Sent: 2007
Subject: easyJet booking reference

easyJet.com – book cheap flights, hotels, car hire for low cost travel
Flight booking: Confirmation

My colleague accompanied it with an amusing note:

“I always thought that it was going into a blackhole. A bit of a metaphor for the whole travel trade experience: No light ever escapes and time becomes infinite on the event horizon.”

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