Why has defence minister Lord Drayson resigned?

There are many mysteries in this world. For example is there a God? Is there extra-terrestrial life? When you drop your toast why does it always land the butter side down? These questions have many conflicting truths, as does remarkably the resignation yesterday of Lord Drayson as Minister for Defence.

His reasons, which I like to refer to the ‘Hollywood answer’, has been suitably been given the Trimble treatment on his Dew Line blog. Suffice to say that the ability to be the next big motor sport champion was much more tempting than defending the country.

His colleague has given a more sombre reason for his resignation today though, believing that financial reasons were behind his resignation. Lord (I know, another one) Charles Guthrie, believes that bureaucracy and frustration led to his resignation, something that seems more feasible if you read today’s stories about the under-funded armed forces.

Either way I am hopeful that his letter is genuine, as respect must be given to a man who resigns to try and win Le Mans.

Just imagine the letter:

Dear Mr Brown,

It has been a pleasure serving Queen and Country and doing my utmost to defend it, but the potential of racing until I fall asleep around a dark track is too tempting for any man to turn down…Plus, have you seen the pit girls!

Yours sincerely…..

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