Flight’s top ten stories of 2007

It’s been a crazy year of incidents and accidents and quirky stories. Here is a brief list of our top ten most popular stories.

The most viewed story this year is the damaged Airbus A340-600 which was destined for delivery to Abu Dhabi’s Etihad.

Five people were injured in the ground test accident at the company’s Saint-Martin site in Toulouse when the aircraft broke free of its parking chocks during engine run-ups and rammed through a blast deflection wall.

See the damage….

In at number two is a video story about an Airbus A310 which caused a bit of a stir at an airshow in Portugal by flying a bit too low during a fly past.

The story that makes top third place is one about a Marship to be assembled in orbit using the Ares V cargo launch vehicle for a 900-day mission to the planet. The spacecraft would take a “minimal crew” to Mars in six to seven months, with the crew spending up to 550 days on the surface.

Number four is a unique glimpse into the zeitgeist of Bond style bling with the latest 787 VIP cabin concept from BMW Group DesignworksUSA at the Aircraft Interiors show in Hamburg.


In the top five is a picture story with some comments about a radical seating concept which was unveiled at an aircraft interiors show in Hamburg in April.

Flightglobal.com has compiled a special page of aircraft cabin interiors with the wow factor.

In at number six – do you recall the story about the US Air Force (USAF) being attracted by the Airbus A380 as a cargo freighter and as a large VIP transport in the Air Force One class?

The seventh most popular story this year has to be the story about Ryanair’s intention to launch a no-frills long-haul airline serving five or six US cities from its 23 European bases and offering fares as low as $12.

This one made number eight – the first A380 to enter airline service emerging from the hangar in Hamburg following installation of its passenger cabin.

Flightglobal.com has compiled a complete guide to the Airbus A380 including news, cutaway images, pictures, videos and blogs on the giant beast.

At number eight is a story we published in May which shows Airbus’s first A380, destined to enter airline service with launch operator Singapore Airlines (SIA). The aircraft MSN003 emerged from the manufacturer’s Hamburg paint hangar following installation of its passenger cabin in March, and testing of the associated systems in April. And of course we covered it’s first commercial flight of the A380.


In at number nine is the story about a first glimpse of Russia’s fifth-generation fighter under development as part of the PAK FA project.

And my personal favourite, at number ten, was the video showing drug smugglers being shot down over the Colombian Amazon jungle.


The Colombian air force had been trailing the drug smugglers in an Embraer Super Tucano, which is used to patrol borders, among other missions.

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