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Flightglobal’s Top 10 picture stories of 2008

2008 has seen another bumper year for remarkable images;with this year’s most popular images ranging from new nose designs to crash pictures, with some unusual shower designs mixed in too: Virgin Galactic unveils Dyna-Soar style SpaceShipTwo design and twin-fuselage White Knight II configuration  The first images of Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo (SS2) proved extremely popular this […]

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Everybody on the Flight blog wishes you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. We are hoping that Santa brings us this C-17 replica for Christmas… Here’s hoping!!!!

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What would you do if you were involved in an aircraft incident?

What’s the first thing you do after surviving a life-threatening incident, like the Continental Airlines 737 incident at Denver Airport? Call your family?Kiss the floor as you get out? Maybe even kiss the person next to you?If you are Mike Wilson you do none of the three, you get your phone and start to micro-blog […]

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VIDEO: Global air traffic control in 24 hours

Here’s a video showing 24 hours of air traffic over the globe. You can either just sit back and marvel at the hypnotic mass of air traffic, moving in patterns like organised colonies of ants, or you can examine some of the characteristics of the activity.  What you see, like all of human life, is […]

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VIDEO: Messerschmitts battle Spitfires in glorious colour, but is it real or special effects?

An interesting video here of two Messerschmitts battling with Spitfires. The mystery is whether this is real footage that has been re-coloured or whether it is an enthusiastic fan creating magic using the latest animation tools. What do you think?Hat Tip:

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Flight International front cover competition – the winner is…

For the second year running, our community site AirSpace has offered you the chance to get your favourite image on to the front cover of the end-of-year special issue of Flight International. Competition for this year’s prize has been fierce, with nearly 1,500 images uploaded, more than four times last year’s total. we have been […]

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VIDEO: Gigantic worm like “Stratellite” UAV prototype

Go here to watch the test flight video of this product’s prototype

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VIDEO: Suicide Micro Air Vehicles

Watch this video, care of the Chicago Tribune newspaper website, about the US Air Force Research Laboratory’s computer generated vision of bird and insect-like Micro Air Vehicles (MAV) of the future including a suicide MAV that explodes on making contact with its human target

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Hitler’s Silent Dart unveiled

An interesting rare set of original designs for a German Third Reich aircraft featuring a bomb are to be auctioned tomorrow in the UK.  The detailed pencil drawings, with ink annotations by an unknown engineer, are on two sidesof graph paper and depict a last ditch glider bomber designed to be mass produced for one-off missions […]

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Flight International gains its centenary wings

It has been over 30 years since Flight International operated its own editorial aircraft and despite the scores of pilots employed with the magazine, no serving member of the editorial team has ever fully owned or operated their own aircraft. These two deficiencies have been corrected in a timely fashion, to coincide with the 100th […]

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