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Greatest civil aircraft? If you have to ask…

To celebrate 100 years of Flight International, we want to discover the "100 Greatest" in aviation; by determining the top twenty civil aircraft, military aircraft, engine, people & moments. Here the best civil aircraft is put forward! If romance is among the defining criteria for the greatest civil aircraft, the other contenders might as well […]

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Airbus A320: Greatest civil aircraft of all time?

There are several obvious answers to the question “what is the world’s greatest aircraft” and most of them are ruled by the heart rather than the head. So I thought I’d be a little controversial and apply logic, rather than passion, to my nomination.

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Designs on space

Here’s some video footage from the launch of Virgin Galactic unveiling its design.

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Why Ank Air should really have thought harder about their logo

If you’re Turkey’s World Focus Airlines and you are going to rebrand your company to a name like ‘Ank Air’, you maybe should give the logo design a little more thought: Can you think of anymore stupid rebranding exercises. Have your say on AirSpace

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Southwest airline’s stripper flight- a male fantasy or a myth!

After last summer’s furore surrounding Kyla Ebbert, scantily clad women became the hot topic for Southwest airlines. And now it has re-appeared for a wholly different reason.

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Airbus’ record total…and the order prediction that wasn’t

So Airbus managed to overtake Boeing on gross orders, with an extraordinary 1,458 aircraft, but fell short with its net total of 1,341 – a result which Airbus sales supremo John Leahy described as a “diplomatic solution” when the airframer unveiled its much-anticipated 2007 figures in Toulouse last week. Fair enough. But neither number matches […]

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BA Boeing captain press conference: live blogging

After yesterday’s Heathrow incident there has been much conjecture regarding the role of the BA captain Peter Burkill in avoiding a fatal accident. He is about to give a press conference (4pm GMT) and i hope to update you with what he has to say as it happens: Update 1: The press conference is already […]

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Breaking: BA 777 severely damaged in Heathrow emergency landing

Passengers have been evacuated from a British Airways Boeing 777 after it was severely damaged while landing at London Heathrow. More to follow… Update: News story on the BA 777 incident at Heathrow is up and discussions are underway in Air Space. Update 2: Journalists Richard Sambrook and Nick Robinson have been caught up in […]

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The nuisance of newts

Newts have been causing a bit of a stir in Samlesbury, where aerospace giant BAE Systems are about to begin work on a £100 million business park which will include the development of four office blocks.

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A319 lands on ice runway in Antartica

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