Have travelling publishers picked up the online bug?

According to the New York Times, travel publishers are still trying to find a successful method of appealing to the mass travelling market.


With the growth of information online, it seems that the days of just opening up a 300 page guidebook and searching for a good bar (suggested by one author) seems to be a thing of the past, but have publishers caught the online bug?

Not at all suggests BuzzMachine, who believes that travel companies still need to get much better at finding out what travellers’ want in a two-way exchange.

BuzzMachine suggests asking passengers (while they are flying back) where they went, which hotels they used, and what bars they would recommend. I guess who better to judge a place than actual travellers’ themselves, and you can give them a reward for taking part.

Travel companies need to know that putting faith in their passengers is not as scary as it sounds, and can give you an edge in a market that hasn’t yet fully developed. My query would be whether it works to start hassling often relaxed holiday travellers about their journey as they are returning back to the realities of everyday life and work, but as long as it’s done properly the future it seems is bright; just look at the example of Trip Advisor as a look to the future.

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