Southwest airline’s stripper flight- a male fantasy or a myth!


After last summer’s furore surrounding Kyla Ebbert, scantily clad women became the hot topic for Southwest airlines. And now it has re-appeared for a wholly different reason.

A story has broken about a (some say mythical) Southwest airlines flight that occurs every Friday between LA and Las Vegas. This aircraft isn’t filled with gambling hungry tourists but rather strippers, ready to do a weekend’s work.

This flight is so popular that you have to book month’s in advance and admittedly it sounds more of a myth than anything else. Even so, it is a journey that many men would love to be on

Whatever the reality, it seems that that Southwest has yet again unwittingly stumbled upon the adage that sex sells, even if they like it to or not.

Now a flight full of strippers, there has to be a joke in there somewhere…

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