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Singapore Airlines “get creative” in marketing their London A380 flights

As my colleagues at Airline Business have reported, Singapore Airlines are getting ‘touchy feely’ to create some excitement for its first A380 flight from London. First of all, they have offered the personal touch by creating an area dedicated to personal memories of the A380; an area where people can share photos and thoughts of […]

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Oman Air’s incensed…and the knives are out

Traditional khanjar curved daggers are a frequent sight in Oman where they are carried in public as part of the national dress. But while the khanjar has featured on Oman Air’s livery since the airline started operations, it’s shortly to disappear in favour of a gold-and-silver swirl representing the smoke of burning Omani frankincense. It’s […]

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Why BA’s OpenSkies will be an ‘EC’ ride

You wouldn’t think IATA designators could be worthy of much mystique but the code for British Airways’ new carrier OpenSkies was one secret it chose not to spill during January’s unveiling. And now we know why: because OpenSkies has been hoping to land a code which is just as recognisable as the familiar ‘BA’ identifier […]

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Air Accidents Investigation unveil Heathrow BA Boeing 777 interim crash report

The AAIB have today released another report on the Heathrow BA Boeing crash. Here is some analysis from Unusual Attitude and a review of the report by David Learmount. Some points from the report: No indications of any pre-existing problems with any of the aircraft systems. Examination of the engines indicated no evidence of a […]

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Valentine’s Day kissing madness with Ryanair

Never a company that shies away from publicity, Ryanair attempted to capitalise on the loving feeling of Valentine’s Day with a “snogathon” at Leicester Square in Central London.

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Flight in DC-3

I was lucky enough to take a flight in Douglas DC-3 Dakota on Wednesday over the skies of Coventry.

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UFO invasion latest: Nothing to see, move along

Just to prove it’s not conspiring to conceal an extraterrestrial plot by minds immeasurably superior to ours, the British Government has just released the latest batch of unidentified flying object sightings reported to the Ministry of Defence. It comprises about 130 statements, most of which – to the chagrin of those who thought this stuff […]

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Cat 1 approach

If you can’t bear to leave the moggy at home, take him with you when you fly and get him to give you some unique feedback to you landing prowess.

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Gordon Ramsay seeks cabin crew has heard that celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is looking for airline cabin crew who need some help in the kitchen and are eager to learn a few skills during his new series of the F Word.

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Record profits, Wideroe? Must try harder

There’s no pleasing some people. Buried among the general gloom of SAS Group’s full-year results today is the contrasting record performance of Norwegian regional carrier Wideroe, achieved in spite of its Q400s being grounded. “Wideroe recorded the best full-year result in the company’s history,” acknowledges SAS, before putting the boot in. “It is not far […]

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