Air Accidents Investigation unveil Heathrow BA Boeing 777 interim crash report

The AAIB have today released another report on the Heathrow BA Boeing crash.

Here is some analysis from Unusual Attitude and a review of the report by David Learmount.

Some points from the report:

  • No indications of any pre-existing problems with any of the
    aircraft systems.
  • Examination of the engines indicated no evidence of a
    mechanical defect or ingestion of birds or ice.
  • Data, downloaded from the Electronic Engine Controllers
    (EECs) and the QAR, revealed no anomalies with the
    control system operation.
  • fuel conforms to Jet A-1 specifications and that there
    were no signs of contamination or unusual levels of
    water content.

The investigations will continue to attempt to replicate the damage to the engine fuel pumps to try and match it to the data recorded in the accident.

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