Rumours and intrigue continue about the Boeing 777 incidentl


As Flightblogger has today reported, rumours and intrigue continue unabated regarding the recent Boeing 777 Heathrow accident.

Of course only detailed forensic invesigations will determine the cause, but that hasn’t stopped a whole raft of reasons being put forward, some that seem quite plausible, and others that make fairy-tales seem far-fetched.On AirSpace for example,speculation has included fuel (running out of), engine failure, bird strike (quickly discounted) late deployment of the landing gear, human error, IEPR alarm failure, WIFI interference, and finally back to the engines.

Flightglobal quickly gave their view with our Safety and Operations editor David Learmount, and this video has been viewed by 106,000 people.

Here the views and comments have been a little more speculative and outragous. some for comedy others who knows:

Hollowhead: “I know this isn’t my field but I am convinced that the plane went through a worm hole”.

AdamshanklyUK: “I heard it got shot at by a UFO”
Rich 89: “I heard it was attacked by a dinosaur”
AdamshanklyUK: “A dinosaur driving a UFO?”

thomasTFE: “I heard from an engineer that if 2 or more toilets on any new generation boeing aircraft are flushed simutaneously, it causes a catastophic failure of the in-flight computer system resulting in total engine shutdown and computer reboot”.

Irrit8d: “Tidal forces deprived the engine continuum of logicality”.

and my favourite:

Hollowhead: “Now then I’ve had another idea. Maybe the pilot was eating the last of a packet of sticky dates. (You know the ones your grandma gets at christmas.) I think the pilots fingers got terribly sticky and quite innocently, having passed round the christmas treat, realised his generousity had rendered his whole crew useless, leaving them no option but to land the plane with stockinged feet. Now don’t get me wrong Im not an expert but it does make you think HHmmmmmmmmmmmm….”

Case closed i think you’ll agree.

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